Niilola Villas

Our high quality and well equipped timber villas have been constructed in 2007.
The villas have been built with fine carpentry from the wood of our own forest and the surrounding grounds have been modified with underbrush in respect of the landscape.

Our villas have plenty of window coverage, thus you can see the landscape in virtually every direction from the living room; a sunset at the lake in both spring and winter is something everyone should experience. The open and bright terrace is good for barbeques during the summer.

The villas have been built according to latest construction requirements, air conditioning and heat insulation will keep the indoor air fresh. Floor heating is not only pleasant for the feet but dries wet footprints without a fuss as well.
A functional utility room enables a longer vacation and a pleasant return home.

Sauna is an essential part of a relaxing holiday, so the villa offers a chance to bathe “under the stars” in an electric sauna. There is also a spacious, traditional wood-heated sauna at the lake shore, providing a true lakeside experience. The capacity of the lakeside sauna is up to ten people and it has a dressing room included.

In the middle of the hustle and bustle of every day life, our villas offer a pleasant and top notch accommodation throughout the year and provide a calm vacation in rural environment in the heart of Lake Finland.

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Our villas rate 5 stars on the Pro Agria scale.

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The villas have been built onto berry rich soil abiding to the rules set by the environment. Berries and mushrooms are a natural part of the surroundings of our villas, true nature starts right at the doorstep.

Lake Saimaa is a large and clear inland lake and the water is excellent for swimming. Cleanliness and the tidy condition of our beaches are a matter of honor to us and we want to offer only the best to You.

Spending time at the lake is a good way to pass time during your vacation and the lake offer plenty to do for enthusiastic fishers. The villa comes with a rowing boat, fishing rods and safety vests can be found in the storage room.

During winter one can go ice fishing or use a net, the bravest might even want to take a dip in the avanto-- an icy pool of water cut out from the ice.

Pastime tips while staying in the villas

  • excellent setting for outdoor activities in the nature. The forest starts at the edge of the yard and the terrain hold plenty of old tracks to explore.
  • the clear water of Lake Saimaa and the shallow beach on the property make a great place to swim for both children and adults.
  • in the winter one can enjoy the chilly embrace of the frozen lake by taking a swim in the pool cut into the ice.
  • fishing is possible throughout the year.
  • during the summer you can complete your rural experience by enjoying the sight of cows and horses grazing on summer pastures. The main farm houses approximately 60 cows, so you can also have a gander at where carton milk comes from.
  • with an agreement, one can ride the horse at their own risk.
  • during the winter skiing is possible on the ice of Lake Saimaa and the surrounding area. Thrill seekers may also want to go downhill skiing in Ruunarinne in Savonlinna.
  • on summer weekends there are plenty of open-air dances arranged in the surrounding area.
Villa Mustikka

Villa Puolukka

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